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Dear CityHouse River Run Participants:


As you know, the 2020 CityHouse River Run is cancelled this year due to the pandemic. This pandemic has touched all of our lives.  I’m sure that everyone reading this has been directly affected in some way. 


At CityHouse, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a surge in the need for our services. The mission of CityHouse is to provide hope and renewal to homeless single mothers and their children. We provide that hope by, among other things, providing our families with a safe place to live.  Throughout this pandemic, for every opening we have in one of our residential apartments, we are receiving more than 30 desperate calls. To help meet the growing demand for our services, CityHouse expanded into two new campuses this year.  Thus, CityHouse more than doubled the amount of families for whom it is providing a safe and healthy home. However, serious challenges persist:


  • Loss of employment for our mothers

  • Lack of childcare for our mothers who retained their jobs

  • Online classes for our young children, many of whom have suffered from different types of trauma

  • Healthcare for our families

  • Fundraising in order to keep CityHouse services available to our families


The stark reality is that while our fundraising events have to be cancelled, the needs of our homeless mothers and children are growing. I’m making a Call to the Heart to all of you:  if you are able, would you consider donating what would have been your entry fee to this year’s race of $30.00.  Of course, any amount that you can donate would be deeply appreciated. 


We look forward to seeing all of you next year. We pray that our families and yours will stay safe and healthy and that with God’s blessings we will overcome the challenges created by this pandemic together.


Best regards,


Charlie Torano

President, CityHouse