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CityHouse's program is designed to instill life-changing skills, values, and character into the women we serve.




"My life was upside down before coming to live at CityHouse with my daughter. Not only was it complicated, but it was a complete void; filled with emptiness and despair because we were 'homeless'. I was ashamed and felt that I would bring shame to my family, in which, my family instilled in me, to put God first, work hard, and achieve my education, but it wasn't enough. I felt ashamed. 


After months of struggling to find shelter, we transitioned to CityHouse. My overall experience with CityHouse has been exceptional. The staff here at CityHouse paved the way for me to leave with confidence and pride. In a matter of weeks, I was enrolled back in college and finished my bachelor's degree and landed an intern position at the State Attorney's office. The good and positive things living here were fun gatherings, bible studies, and watching my daughter grow up in a safe environment. During my time here, I have definitely changed. I have become a better mother and provider for my daughter, all because CityHouse welcomed and believed in me. I just want to thank everyone for their support for CityHouse and for giving me the opportunity to get back on my feet."

- Hannah

Residential Program


CityHouse Serves 3 Campuses

Main Campus: 6 families

North Campus: 3 families

Boca Campus: 4 families

Total: 13 families

CityHouse is a two to three-year program that offers safe and affordable housing, wrap-around services, daily mentoring, educational opportunities, mental health services, and skill-building opportunities. We focus on empowering our mothers to live healthier lives through education, community, and career development offering a holistic approach to each family's multifaceted needs. Our program is designed to instill life-changing skills, values, and character into the families we serve.

Housing: Affordable housing lays the foundation for mothers to gain steps towards autonomy and for children to achieve steps towards successful futures. We believe affordable housing is the platform for which healthy changes can be made.


  • Apartments are newly renovated, fully furnished, and stocked with necessities, such as toiletries.

  • Residents are responsible for a small number of rental expenses, equaling about 30 percent of a full-time, minimum salary.

Case Management and Therapeutic Services: We apply a strengths-based philosophy throughout our services, focused on resilience and resourcefulness. Our on-staff Family Advocate, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, along with Social Work Interns, provides therapeutic services and increases access to community resources.

Enrichment: Through strategic partnerships, we have developed a program model with low-cost services that lead to enhanced opportunities and ultimately to healthier families for generations to come.

Holiday/birthday celebrations

Spiritual Enrichment



Potluck dinners

Life and Social-skill building

Volunteer Lead Enrichment

Financial literacy classes

Parenting classes

Career development

Life and social skill building

Community Enrichment

We believe that our services have an intentional, secondary impact on two additional groups of people.

A mother and her son bonding over a child's toy.
Point #1

First Group

Our program is intended to have generational effects on the families as we work to break the cycles of poverty and assist families to independence.

A mother and her daughter spending time outside.
Point #2

Second Group

We see the effects of our services on the people within the spheres of influence of each resident. As their friends or relatives see the change in their lives, they are also impacted.

Alumni Program


Currently, we have 13 graduates.

7 mothers, 12 children

We challenge our mothers to learn and become empowered to successfully live beyond their time at CityHouse. Due to our overarching goal to have long-standing changes, we conduct follow-up evaluations with program graduates through the structure of our Alumni Care Program. The Alumni Care Program offers continued access to services and support over a five-year, step-down program to ensure graduates transition well into independent and healthy living. Our evaluations have consistently shown that graduates exit our program with the ability to provide for their families well beyond the scope of basic needs.

Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes


Mother's have expanded their education through obtaining high school diplomas, enrolling in college, and completing specialized certifications.


Mother's have worked with budgeting mentors to meet financial milestones such as buying cars, repairing credit, opening savings accounts, and paying off debt.


Mothers have secured stable employment for the first time in their lives.


The kids have rapidly increased reading levels, earned achievement awards in school, and learned proper sportsmanship through community sports leagues.

We invite you to experience the journey of our work through the stories captured in the CityHouse Chronicles. Our hope is that you feel more engaged with the mission and come to know the families that call CityHouse their home. 

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