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There's no place like home for the holidays.

In Palm Beach County, more than 800 single mothers and their children experiencing homelessness deserve to have a place to call "home." 

This holiday season, instill hope and healing for these families and multiply the number of futures that will impact future generations.​

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of children in the foster care system would be discharged if their parent was properly housed.

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About CityHouse. 

CityHouse provides hope and renewal to homeless single mothers and their children.


Our program allows the mother to experience real change through a long-term program that offers daily mentoring, accountability, educational opportunities, support, and encouragement while giving their children a safe and secure environment to live and thrive.

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You can change their story with a gift from the heart. 

This year, your gift is significant. In these times of unprecedented inflation and increasingly unaffordable housing, our family services have never been in higher demand. 


For every opening in one of our residential apartments, we received more than 50 desperate calls a month. We continue to diligently seek out partners to expand our residential program in the hopes of meeting the ever-increasing needs in our community. 


Would you be willing to make a special year-end, tax-deductible donation right now to help us meet our goal?

Your direct contribution offers immediate resources for the families and directly impacts the lives of the mothers and children at CityHouse. 

We cannot do it without you. Your support will make a real, lasting impact on the lives of these families for generations to come. 

Please click below and give today. 


Child Enrichment


Sponsor one child for summer camp or other enrichment activities for one week.




Sponsor one family's childcare costs per year.




Sponsor one family's education and supplies per year.



Sponsor one family's transportation costs per year.




Sponsors the cost of a mother's counseling per year.




Sponsor one family's rent per year.

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Other Ways to Give 

"It's a joy for me to help homeless, single mothers in need. I was once a single mother too. I believe it's important as a community to work together and meet this need in Delray and beyond. Everyone has a place that they can contribute: volunteering, financial gifts, and more. I am thankful to be part of the CityHouse community." 

Anonymous Donor


Home Sweet Home

Monthly Giving Program

The CityHouse Home Sweet Home monthly giving program is a recurring donation program where donors can automatically donate a specific amount every month. Our monthly giving community is for those who want to make an ongoing commitment to the mission and help make our work sustainable.

Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations.


When an employee donates, they'll request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their donation. Check with your company to see if they have a matching gifts program.

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