Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that 52% of homeless mothers experience higher rates of the major depressive disorder compared with the general population? [1] 

Women with children in their care are an especially vulnerable group as mothers must ensure care for their children in addition to themselves. Depression among mothers experiencing homelessness remains unacknowledged, unrecognized, and untreated. Homelessness not only affects the mothers but the children as more than one-third of homeless children show symptoms of anxiety, depression, and aggressive behaviors.[2] 


At CityHouse, one of our principles is to focus on the mental health of our families. Through the support of our Family Advocate on staff along with mentors, we help the mothers, and the children experience real change through daily mentoring, accountability, support and encouragement as the mothers learn to develop healthy lifestyles and provide sustainable, loving and proper care to their children. 

YOU can change their story!

When you partner with us, you are helping to achieve the CityHouse mission, and make an impact on our women and children to live healthier lives. With your generous monthly donation, you will be empowering a CityHouse family in need for an entire year. 

[1]  Weinreb LF, Buckner JC, Williams V, Nicholson JAm J Public Health. 2006 Aug; 96(8):1444-8


[2]  Gewirtz AH, DeGarmo DS, Plowman EJ, August G, Realmuto G. Parenting, parental mental health, and child functioning in families residing in supportive housing. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. 2009;79(3):336–347.