"I chose to volunteer at CityHouse because I was drawn to the cause they support, helping single displaced mothers and children. CityHouse isn’t just another non-profit organization. They’re a family of inclusive and loving people that dedicate their time to help our community members in need. Volunteering at CityHouse has opened my eyes to the fact we all have the ability whether it’s big or small to positively impact someone’s life."

CityHouse Volunteer


We are need of volunteers to help babysit while the mothers work, go to doctor's appointments, or attend enrichment classes.

Property Maintenance

There are opportunities for either ongoing maintenance and landscaping or a one-time group workday.

Prayer Partner

Prayer warriors are needed to join the CityHouse Prayer Group. They meet on a quarterly basis from 12:30-1:30 PM.


We are in need of volunteers who are willing to provide transportation assistance for the mothers in our care. This includes trips to work, grocery store, doctor's appointments, and picking up their children from school or daycare. 

City Pantry

Help organize and restock the pantry with essential items. 


Do you have a favorite hobby or skill? Come teach a class for our families. 


We are looking for volunteers that can do tutoring after school or weekends. Academic levels include PreK-12th grade. Includes all subjects and GED Prep.

City Closet

We are looking for volunteers to organize the closet or hold a women's clothing drive in the local community.

 Event Planning

CityHouse plans multiple fundraising events throughout the year and we need your help. 

Interested in Serving With Us?