River Run 5K: Run for a Reason

Providing hope and renewal to homeless single mothers and their children in Palm Beach County, Florida.

This is a picture of a home and a mother who is ready to become independent.


of children in the foster care system would be discharged if their parent was properly housed.

National Center on Family Homelessness, 2011

 Let's Break the Cycle

Dr. Casey Cleveland, lead pastor at the Avenue Church in Delray Beach, Florida.

"Yes, the child needs a safe place, but if the mother is not given consistent and intentional mentoring, the child will return to a very similar situation. This means the cycle doesn't end and the child remains at risk. Change takes time, resources, and effort, but if real change is made, it is a better return on investment to help the mother, than just helping the child." 


Dr. Casey Cleveland

  Lead Pastor at The Avenue Church

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A Home for the Holidays

This holiday season, help provide hope and renewal for a CityHouse family.

A mother holding her daughter outside in a garden.

Families are being impacted

"I was stressed out and was unsure if I was going to provide for my child..."

People running in the River Run 5K.

River Run 5K

December 11, 2021: Help break the cycle of homelessness. This race is great for all ages! 

A little boy having fun.

Get Involved with CityHouse

 Help CityHouse grow resources, improve efficiencies, and provide better service to their families.

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Seaside Soiree

April 7, 2022: The Seaside Soirée is our signature dinner and auction event at the Colony Cabana Club in Delray Beach.

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Home Sweet Home

Each month, help a CityHouse family in need.

Picture of a mother and their child at the beach.

Reaching Mothers in the community

CityHouse is reaching out to homeless single mothers in Palm Beach County...

Join the Movement

Be a part of a community of people providing hope and renewal to homeless single mothers and children in Palm Beach County, Florida. 
Help keep families together. 

2020 Milestones

  • Closed on the purchase of the main Delray Beach campus.

  • Opened a triplex in North Delray Beach to house three new families.

  • Partnered with Boca Raton Community Church and opened a new Boca campus that is currently housing four families and an office for staff. 

  • Awarded the Impact 100 Grant in the category of Family.

  • Implemented a mentorship program whereby every mother in the program is assigned to a mentor. 

  • Four families ( four mothers and five children) graduated from the residential program and transitioned into the Alumni Care program. 

2021 Vision

  • Complete Phase 2 of the Boca Campus expansion where it will grow from four to eight families.

  • Launch Community Care Program.

  • Expand staff to include an additional Family Advocate and Housing Manager.

  • Four families expected to graduate (four mothers and seven children).

  • Grow Board by 20% in alignment with the growth of CityHouse. 

CityHouse Celebrates

"I have gained stability and safety by CityHouse providing a place for me and my child to call 'home'. Life's struggles have not become any less but have enabled me to share my trials with women who love and empower other women. I have now begun to fix the wreckage of my past and can finally be the mother my child calls me to be."


CityHouse Resident