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Our Story

The story of CityHouse began with a few families who were providing temporary shelter for children through a program called Safe Families. This program helps divert children from being placed in the child welfare system while the mothers seek to reestablish themselves so that once again they may care for their own children. Effective care was provided to the children apart from their mothers, while a desire to do more for their mothers was ignited.

Over time, it became clear that if more emphasis could be placed on the family unit rather than just the children, these single mothers in need would have better opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles enabling them to provide sustainable, loving and proper care to their children. We established CityHouse in 2014 to provide long-term, transformational assistance to mothers and their children.

Mission: to provide hope and renewal to single mothers and their children experiencing homelessness in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Read our latest volume of the CityHouse Chronicles

"Yes, the child needs a safe place, but if the mother is not given consistent and intentional mentoring, the child will return to a very similar situation. That means the cycle doesn't end and the child remains at risk. Change takes time, resources, and effort, but if real change is made, it is a better return on investment to help the mother, than just helping the child."

Dr. Casey Cleveland, Co-Founder

Lead Pastor at the Avenue Church

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Who We Serve

Residential Program: 14 mothers and 24 children

Community Care Program: 9 mothers and 13 children

Alumni Program: 19 mothers and 26 children

In total, we serve 42 mothers and 63 kids at CityHouse. 

This equals to 105 clients we oversee in our entire program!

"I'm beyond happy that I have somewhere safe to be with my child..."

CityHouse Resident

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Mail: PO BOX 8451

Delray Beach, FL 33482

Tel: 561-571-0983

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